What Are The Types and Functions of Marking Machines?

Industries inscribe their designs and write on the products they manufacture. Because of the huge number of items produced every day there is a requirement for equipment or machines to speed up the production process and make sure they match the requirements of a device. Marking Machine is specifically designed to tackle specific problems.​

The marking device is a device which is used to procedure of engraving an object. It’s a broad category that encompasses the changing of color due to chemical or molecular reaction, and many other. This method does not typically make use of inks, and it does not use a variety of tools that scratch surfaces of objects. This technique offers advantages or alternative to other marking techniques or engraving techniques or desktop laser marking machine.

Types of Marking Machines

In general, there are three kinds of marking methods and their purposes are described below.

  1. Dot Peen Marking Machine

It is essentially an electromechanical device which makes direct contact during the manufacturing process. It utilizes a stylus as well as pin to create permanent markings. A stylus is comprised of strong materials like diamond, carbide and the hard alloy tungsten.

Dot peen marking devices use all pin marks i.e. codes, numbers, logos as well as other symbols, all of which are composed of dots which makes the pin’s impact extremely high on the object using pneumatic force.

The adjustments of the X – and Y-axis ‘ movement, as well as the speed of marking and high-frequency marking may reveal the performance of line marking.

Functions of Dot Peen Marking Machine Are:

  1. It allows you to create deep marks that remain and are difficult to remove.
  2. 2.Heat sign assists you in creating an extremely clear mark.
  3. A low consumption of fuel which allows you to create an ideal indent using the least amount of expense.
  4. Two-dimensional patterns can be created in the form of the materials.
  5. Utilizes inflated and electrical controls to move the stylus.
  6. Laser Marking Machine

Laser marking machines are another kind of machine that uses lasers for engraving on the surfaces of materials and other objects. It operates on different products’ surfaces by means of laser beams that melt the surface to expose the material beneath, and in the end, you get the stunning design, logo, and text. The lasers used in this category are classified into three types i.e. CO2 laser marking machine fiber laser, and Diode Laser marking device Yag.

Functions of Laser Marking Machines Are

1.It is the ideal solution to make permanent and precise indents.

2.The speed is swift and precise, giving an extremely shiny appearance.

3.High-speed laser production and efficiency improvements.

4.It is employed in numerous industrial applications such as keyboards for computers, plumbing components as well as medical apparatus, apparel needs and food as well as beverage containers.

  1. Electrolyte Marking Machine

This marking machine utilizes electrochemical etching. It typically creates an etching stencil using graphic and text, and stamps the product using electricity applied to the surface of the object. Electrolytic marking is generally affordable, durable, quick and precise. The result of this marking is a dark-colored area that is imprinted on surfaces of objects clear and easily visible. There isn’t any corrosion or other negative impact on the surface. After the entire procedure, the mark is approximately 0.020 millimeters deep inside the material and is easily observed. This kind of marking equipment is extremely simple to use and is maintained effortlessly. Additionally, it doesn’t need exact cleaning, and is used by any person who has a basic understanding of the work.

Functions of Electrolytic Marking Machine are

1.It is manufactured using a similar procedure as laser marking machines.

2.Especially ideal for logo indenting and brand name marking.

3.Have very low consumption and a low expenses.

4.Equipment is extremely durable and will meet a variety of industrial requirements. The machine lasts for a long time.

5.This entire process is simpleand easy to follow and doesn’t require particular training or experience. It can be done prior to or after the delivery.

6.The procedure is extensively employed in the manufacture of cutting tools such as taps, drills, certain surgical and medical equipment, sanitary hardware ball bearings and other things.

Marking Machine offers different kinds of functions ranging from advertising, industrial and commercial uses. The process of labeling is effective. Bar codes and labels provide an opportunity to track and hold options for suppliers and dealers. Serial and part numbers allow sellers to differentiate and track the individual items. Logos and other styles for the product enhance their aesthetic appeal. The numbers are usually the ability to locate the items that have been stolen or lost, or to locate the replacements needed for equipment that is that is used.