Foul Bets and Penalty Time

Love football, hockey, and tough men’s wrestling – bet on fouls and penalty time. Watch the matches and enjoy the real game!

What is football foul betting?

Recently, statistics 메이저놀이터 has become more and more popular. In this section, we will focus on predicting fouls (violations). It is very interesting to bet on fouls because the dynamics of the change in the situation on the field do not allow you to tear yourself away from the TV screen or computer monitor for a minute.

A foul in football is an act of a player (tripping, pushing, holding, etc.) that is against the rules of football. In this case, the referee stops play and punishes the offender with a free-kick.

Please note that offside, simulation, time delay, and similar episodes are not considered foul.

In penalty time betting Basically, forecasters bet on the total number of penalty minutes in the match or on the teams that, in their opinion, will violate the rules in the match more or less and will be punished for this with a temporary fine.

Features of betting on fouls and penalty time

The main bets are bets on the total of violations (penalty time) in the match. If the forecaster believes that the match is of principle for both teams and will be held in a tense struggle, he chooses the “total over” bet.

Matches of inveterate opponents, all kinds of derbies fall under this criterion. You should also pay attention to the cup matches, where one of the parties must definitely win.

Such confrontations often take place in the fight until the very last minutes with a lot of fouls and penalties. Team games, the result of which is not so important from a tournament point of view, are often not very interesting and lead to a small number of fouls and disciplinary penalties.