Five Classic Necklace Styles

The right necklace for yourself or as the gift of someone else can be a daunting task. With so many different styles and lengths available, it’s hard to decide which one is the best. If you’re searching for a necklace that you can pair with earrings, or to match your rings the right necklace, we’ve got you covered with a selection of traditional necklace designs that will suit everyoneNecklace.

Belcher chain

A belcher chain is a wonderful traditional chain design to give yourself or to give as a present. It is usually called a belcher chain because it has links that are larger in size. The links generally are round. A delicate, small belcher chain looks great in a smaller frame.

A huge belcher chain will make a statement and can add that special to your outfit. Due to its classic design it’s something that you will wear for years to be.

Heavy Fob chain

A fob chain can be described as a chain that features a bar and is used as the main part on the chain. You can also purchase the same type of chain as an accessory bracelet that can be an excellent present if you purchase the fob chain as the sake of a present.

A strong fob chain as with the belcher chain, is a wonderful piece of jewelry that you can wear on a daily basis or for special occasions. When you purchase a top quality chain, you’ll be left without a necklace that can be worn with every outfit.

Name necklaces

Name necklaces are small and beautiful neck chains that make the perfect present to someone that is unique. They typically have the thin chain which leads to a first name , which is the main focus in the chain. You can usually purchase them custom-made and usually they’re adorned with gemstones or diamonds for those who want something with an extra sparkle.

Charming pendant necklaces

A small, delicate gold or silver chain with a tiny necklace of pearls or a gemstone connected to it will look elegant and elegant regardless of whether you’re going to a restaurant for lunch, or an elegant dinner. If you’re not looking for something excessively loud, then a light chain with a tiny pendant is a great way to add something that will add a touch of elegance to your outfit without being too loud.

Long boho style necklaces

The long chains are a popular trend for quite a while. They are available in silver and gold. the chains look amazing with an impressive medium- to large-sized pendant in the middle or with a collection of smaller charms grouped together. It is possible to wear more than one at the same time, but ensure that one is slightly smaller than the other to get the look you want.


Deciding on the length of your necklace may be a challenge. As with diamond rings necklaces are something will be worn for many years, and many more to come, therefore getting the length you want is vital.

The length of the princess is the most popular length for necklaces. This necklace is made to be worn at the level of the collarbone and typically measures 18 inches in length. This kind of length is generally going to always look great with a variety of clothing that range from high necks to plunging V-necklines.

The longer lengths and draping necklaces are trendy at present and are also a great match for many different outfits when you think the length of the princess too long.

I hope that our five top choices of classic necklace styles helped you choose the most appropriate necklace design for you, or the person you’re purchasing for.