Custom Made Wedding Dresses – The Finishing Touches

When having custom made wedding dresses created,Guest Posting the accents and embellishments may perhaps be the hardest things to finalise. Often, brides are confused by the array of options presented to them. But don’t worry, a few simple tips will help you make those all-important decisions.Colours, Hues and TonesYou may have thought the easiest decision to make when planning custom made wedding dresses was the colour – after all, how hard can white be? But, in fact, there are so many shades of white, ivory, cream and off-white that it can be extremely confusing and daunting if you don’t know what to expect.

Choosing the perfect shade of white can be as easy as holding up  slots a swatch to your face and seeing what suits your complexion best. But you do need to make this decision early, as it will affect the other accents as well as your accessories. For instance, if you’re planning on having metallic details, the shade of white you choose for your dress will matter greatly. Stark whites, for instance, are ideal, but you may want to use white gold, silver or platinum-coloured details on buttons and beading. Pearls are also wonderful add-ons (rice pearls are beautiful) but you’ll need to choose those that are grey or blue-tinged.

Ivory is a very popular colour for custom made wedding dresses, and for this shade you may want to choose yellow or rose gold accents and creamy coloured pearls, which will set of the creaminess of the fabric hue.Embroidery, Lace and BeadworkMore often than not, choosing the right detailing for custom made wedding dresses depends on the style (and era) as well as the budget. Handmade embroidery can be very expensive, but there are also machine-embroidered accents, which are far more affordable. Speak with your designer to decide on the available options.

The weight of the fabric is also important in terms of embroidery and beading: light, gauzy, summery dresses need little detailing (and the fabric won’t hold it), while heavier silks and similar fabrics can take beadwork and embroidery. Fabric flowers are another wonderful option and, when strategically placed, can make a lovely feature accent.Other ExtrasVeils, sashes and trains are an excellent add on if they are suited to your style and theme. A silk sash can help set off curves wonderfully or create the illusion of them for some body types. Veils are also a great way to fra