Advantages of hand held laser welding device

Advantages of hand held laser welding

  1. Wide welding range: The hand held welding head is geared up with 5-10m authentic optical fiber, which overcomes the restrictions of the workbench space, and may be welded exterior and long-distance welding;
  2. Convenient and bendy to use: Hand-held laser welding is geared up with movable pulleys, that is snug to hold, and may regulate the station at any time. It is loose and bendy, and is appropriate for numerous running surroundings scenarios.
  3. A type of welding methods: welding at any perspective may be realized: overlap welding, butt welding, vertical welding, flat fillet welding, inner fillet welding, outside fillet welding, etc., and may be used for numerous complicated welded workpieces and massive workpieces with abnormal shapes welding. Realize welding at any perspective. In addition, it may additionally attain the freely transfer of slicing, welding and slicing. All you want do it to extrade the welding copper nozzle to the slicing copper nozzle, which could be very convenient.
  4. Satisfying welding impact: handheld laser welding is hot-soften welding. Compared with conventional welding methods, laser welding has better electricity density and may attain higher welding impact. The welding region has little warmness affect and isn’t always clean to deform. Meanwhile the welding intensity is massive, the melting is sufficient, and it’s far organization and reliable. The welding seam power reaches or exceeds the bottom metallic itself, which can’t be assured with the aid of using normal welding machines.
  5. The welding seam does now no longer want to be polished: after conventional welding, the welding factor wishes to be polished to make certain smoothness. The handheld laser welder exactly displays greater benefits withinside the processing impact: non-stop welding, easy and no fish-scale patterns, lovely and no scars, and much less follow-up sharpening procedures.
  6. Welding with out consumables: the welding operation in maximum people’s impact is “left hand goggles, proper hand clamp welding wire”. But with the hand held laser welding device, the welding may be without problems completed, which reduces the cloth fee in manufacturing and processing.
  7. With more than one protection alarms, the welding tip is handiest powerful while the transfer is touched while it touches the metallic, and the mild is robotically locked after the workpiece is removed, and the contact transfer has frame temperature sensing. The protection is excessive to make certain the protection of the operators throughout paintings.
  8. Save hard work fee: Compared with arc welding, the processing fee may be decreased with the aid of using approximately 30%. The operation is easy, clean to learn, and short to get started. The technical threshold of operators isn’t always excessive. Ordinary employees can take in their posts after a quick training, that can without problems attain incredible welding results.

Comparison of hand held laser welding device and argon arc welding

  1. Energy intake comparison: Compared with conventional arc welding, handheld laser welding device saves approximately 80%~90% of electrical electricity, and the processing fee may be decreased with the aid of using approximately 30%.
  2. Welding impact comparison: laser handheld welding can whole assorted metal and assorted metallic welding. The pace is rapid, the deformation is small, and the warmth affected sector is small. The weld seam is lovely, easy, no/much less porosity, and no pollution. The hand held laser welding device may be used for small open components and precision welding.
  3. Follow-up technique comparison: low warmness enter throughout laser handheld welding, small deformation of the workpiece, lovely welding floor may be obtained, no or handiest easy treatment (relying at the necessities of the welding floor impact). The hand held laser welding device can substantially lessen the hard work fee of the massive sharpening and leveling technique.

Application area of hand held laser welding device

Mainly for the constant function of massive and medium-sized sheet metallic, cabinets, chassis, aluminum alloy door and window frames, chrome steel wash basins and different massive workpieces, together with internal proper angles, outer proper angles, and flat welds. Tome windows industry, handicraft industry, family items industry, furnishings industry, car components industry, etc.